Horsing About in London

It is David’s birthday this weekend, and for the past few months I have been wavering back and forth on how I wanted to handle his gift. Ultimately, I decided to organize a weekend of surprise activities that might even lead to us discovering a new couples’ hobby that hopefully we will continue to do together in the future.  Or not. A lot probably depends on how this all goes.  First up on the birthday weekend itinerary… private riding lessons. 

Horsing About in London 1

To be fair, this first one’s a little bit of a cheat as horseback riding already has sentimental meaning to us after David proposed to me during a ride in Provence.  It was by FAR the longest he had ever been on a horse, and despite his clear bowleggedness the following day, he still maintains that he loved it.  But let’s be honest–it’s unlikely he even remembers the actual riding part, considering there was the matter of a small question to be popped looming just ahead.  I strongly suspect that this outing will be the real test.

Admittedly, planning for this particular activity has already had one unintended consequence…

Horsing About in London 2

Chalk it up to years of perusing too many issues of Tatler or British Vogue with their impossibly chic country manor settings, but I have suddenly developed an overwhelming desire to expunge the entire contents of my wardrobe and replace them with nothing but these fantastically posh and delightfully impractical pieces.

Horsing About in London 3
Horsing About in London 4

Honestly, I think I’ll be hiding the credit cards until this little obsession is safely out of my system. Still, a girl can swoon…