Traveling In Dubrovnik – What To Do And Where To Do it

While living back in the States, one of the things I remember envying most about my friends in London were the amazing travel destinations they had on their doorstep.  Despite the vastness and variety of beautiful places within the US, I still envied how the equivalent of a plane ride from Chicago to Los Angeles would land them in such far-away, exotic locations as Egypt, Turkey, Croatia and Morocco, to say nothing of all the classic destinations of Western Europe. 
After arriving in the UK, I couldn’t wait to start tackling some of the places on my bucket list, and the first stamp in my passport was a 4-day extended weekend in Croatia.  Given the length of stay, I focused primarily on Dubrovnik and it didnt disappoint. 
Warm, soothing colors exude from this historic city as the bright sun refracts off the deep blues of the Adriatic and illuminates the signature terracotta red rooftops of the Old Town. 
Toward late afternoon, the neutral pallets of the narrow cobblestone streets melt into rich carmel hues as the resident cats and tourists alike find their little corners to bathe in the warmth of the light. 

The Five “Must Do’s” When in Dubrovnik:

Traveling In Dubrovnik - What To Do And Where To Do it 91. Where To Stay?

Pucic Palace.  A nobleman’s townhouse turned luxury boutique hotel in the heart of the Old Town.  (See photos 14 & 15 above).

2. Where To EAT? 

My Union Jack – The Tastes and Travels Of A Foodie Abroad

3. Where To Drink? 

Bar Buzza.  Famously hidden “dive” bar built into the cliffside with panoramic views of Lokrum Island.  Ask a local for directions, than look for a small lone sign for “cold drinks” to steer you towards the tiny alleyway entrance.

4. Where To Shop?

Morning weekday market at Gundulic Square. Sip your morning coffee while strolling through the maze of red and white umbrellas browsing the freshest produce, hand pressed olive oils and beautifully packaged local delicacies. 

5. What To See?

Lokrum Island. A 15-minute boat journey takes you to this beautifully isolated nature reserve, where you are free to explore the Benedictine monastery ruins and extensive wild botanical gardens. Just keep your cameras ready for an encounter with the island’s wild peacocks.