Vintage Cutlery & a Pie to Die For

Vintage Cutlery & a Pie to Die For 1 Vintage Cutlery & a Pie to Die For 2 Vintage Cutlery & a Pie to Die For 3 Vintage Cutlery & a Pie to Die For 4
I  have this huge thing for vintage cutlery.  Full disclosure here…I don’t technically collect it and I rarely even use it.  Yet I can spend hours browsing through beautiful images of tarnished old forks or delicately etched spoons laid out in an elegant table setting or casually strewn about an old country table.  (Honestly, what did we do before Pinterest and Etsy??)  I really don’t know why, but vintage silverware just makes me nostalgic and happy.  And maybe just a tiny bit obsessed…

Vintage Cutlery To Die For!

Am I the only one thinks that the addition of a beautiful old silver fork resting next to a gorgeous slice of cake just makes the offering SO much more mouth-watering??   It makes me immediately inspired to throw a fabulous garden tea party complete with wonderfully eclectic mismatched old teacups and to start turning our flat into a rustic old country cottage.
For tonight, I’m going to funnel my energies into making this mixed berry & lemon verbena pie, from the fabulous Helen Dujardin of Tartelette.  Let’s face it, culinary skills aside, when your results are showcased with such gorgeous vintage accents as these it almost doesn’t matter what it tastes like.  Almost… Fortunately, her recipes deliver flavors that always leave me wanting more.
Mixed berry and lemon verbena pie- via tartelette