Paradise in Portofino: The Domina Piccolo Hotel

Welcome to Paradise! So many fabulous destinations lay claim to that title, but my personal bias aside, Portofino’s chic Domina Piccolo hotel, with its gorgeous views and private beach nestled into a hidden cove in Paraggi Bay is truly about as close as it comes to heaven on earth.  While we were initially tempted by the much larger and more famous Hotel Splendido that sits high on the cliffs directly above, nothing can beat falling asleep with the waves crashing outside your room and enjoying a romantic breakfast on your private terrace at the Domina Piccolo.

portogino bfst on balcony

One of the best parts of celebrating our first anniversary last week was going back to the place it all began. Our wedding was held on the shores of Lake Maggiore, but our first few days of honeymoon took place in Portofino.  If possible, I loved it even more this time as the area had a beautiful familiarity to it and having done the tourist sights last year, we now felt a bit more like locals just strolling the cobbled streets and enjoying sun-soaked lazy afternoons by the sea.
If you find yourself planning a visit to the area, here are a few things I highly recommend adding to your “must do” list in Portofino:
Paradise in Portofino: The Domina Piccolo Hotel 1
Paradise in Portofino: The Domina Piccolo Hotel 2
Portofino travel private boat

Travel by boat – BEAUTIFUL!!!

Overall a fantastic place and I can’t recommend traveling to Portofino enough!!!